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Legal Service for Wills and Probate

You've worked extremely hard for all of your assets; they should be passed on to your loved ones. In order to ensure this, you'll need to properly plan your estate.


The Gregory Touchet expert legal team knows will and probate law; we'll use this expertise to guide you through the entire estate planning process from beginning to end. You will get the PERSONALIZED will and probate service that you need to keep control of your assets when it's time to pass them on.

  • Last will and testament

  • Power of attorney

  • Succession

  • Living wills

  • Estate planning

Every legal service you'll need for future planning

We'll provide total asset protection from undue federal and state taxes and legalities that could cause your assets to go to the wrong person.


This includes instances in which you have had more than one marriage, child and real estate in multiple states.

Don't lose your assets to the wrong party


Real estate attorney Gregory Touchet has your best interest in mind!

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